In a new step for the success of excellency and with the blessing of Mr. H.E. Minister of Communications Professor Hassan Al-Rashed esteemed by the Ministry of Communications of the General Company for Services the International Network of Information signed a contract (1 / marketing / 2015) with Scopesky company for telecommunications services and Internet Lit., a leading telecommunications sector in Iraq Companies After sparkle and continuing the success of its contract during the first official strategic partner with the General Company for Telecommunications and Post since 2009 and extent to now.
For its part, it stated that the management with ScopeSky company said the move is one of the most important actions undertaken by the Ministry of Communications to put the right foundations in Internet services and applications processing and supplies to institutions and companies of the government sector, government departments and ministries, a strong move to eliminate the chaotic and organize this sector and the protection of the public sector institutions from deterioration and high prices of Internet services as well as the security side.
The Ministry of Communications approved Scopesky for telecommunications services and the Internet Ltd. to be its strategic partner in the marketing and processing capacities of the Internet and its applications and services to institutions, the sparkle and excellency caused in the government sector with the recent success over the past years in the public sector at all levels.
Today, Scopesky company restored to proceed with the construction and development of the telecommunications sector in Iraq, especially the government  and the ministries and government institutions of the sector and provide high protection and purity of quality, technical support and 24/7 maintenance.

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