Link Iraq with the modern world is our motto. Today ScoopSky fulfill their promises, and linking Iraq with the largest data center in the Middle East (Data MENA) Forum giants telecommunications and Internet companies in the world.
To all telecommunications and Internet companies in Iraq, and for the first time in Iraq Datta Mena is a data center and connectivity dedicated to enable the growth and success of clients in the Middle East, based in the United Arab Emirates for solutions, provide our customers with a platform that is simple, safe and open to ensure that they have a reliable partner in the the region to relay data and cloud data and content providers, and companies choosing Data enamel because it will help them accelerate their growth in the Middle East.
We follow an open and transparent model allows our customers the use of a growing array of potential partners and allows them to benefit from being located in the same facilities.
It is the environment that has been specifically designed to facilitate new business opportunities and seamless connection.

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