After its inauguration in Baghdad and Basra, the Ministry of Interior proceed with the application of national card project in Muthanna in order to switch from paper to electronic transactions and to provide statistical database and security as well as reducing fraud.
This achievement through intensive efforts of the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with the German company and the Ministry of Communications – General Company for Post & Telecommunications and strategic partner of the company approved the sky telecommunications services and Internet.
According to General Director of the Iraqi ID, Major General Mahdi al-Waeli : ” The Ministry of the Interior effort to shift from paper-based process to electronic in all its departments that have contact with the citizen process, we have a national card project and launched the project in three provinces so far is Baghdad and Basra today and today Muthanna. ”
Hakim Yasiri, Chairman of the Board of Muthanna, adds : ” The project provides a large database of the country and especially that our country is going through a security sensitive circumstance no room for fraud is allowed in this system.”
Interior Department announces the suspension of the operation conditions of Samawah, his appeal mechanism national card 13-12 Interior inaugurates the national card project in Muthanna.
The Interior Ministry promised to lack of infrastructure, the biggest challenge facing the project directly in the application, Muthanna local government called for the need to provide financial cover for the project over the next five years.
He says, Brigadier Saad Maan, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior: “The biggest challenge for the project is the national card infrastructure, there are some places where the infrastructure does not exist, but there are options to merge with another place or give a time limit or temporary data.”
He adds Faleh Suker, the governor of Muthanna: “We demand to provide financial cover for the project and must be financially cover over the five years.”
And it was awarded the first card issued by the Department of National card in Samawa to one of the families of the martyrs’ families in the province, just days after the announcement of the Ministry of the Interior Department to stop working conditions in Muthanna.

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